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Diet Trends to Avoid (Especially the Last Two)

Scales Cry Help

This is the time of year when way too many of us are thinking Diet. Unfortunately, too many of us are looking for a quick fix; the gym’s such a drag, and actually eating less is even worse.

Which means, some folks are trying things that are stupid, dangerous or both. Okay, the raw food diet isn’t that bad, and the article says so. However, multiple injections of human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) sounds bad, and since the long-term effects of this compound are unknown, it’s potentially dangerous. The master cleanse sounds terrible, both in flavor and outcome. I could do the cabbage soup diet for a day or two; I like cabbage. I’d have to go live out in the doghouse for a few days, even with Beano to help.

The last two ideas sound really dreadful. Ear stapling? There’s no scientific evidence this works. But if you want to mangle your head flappers, go right ahead; you probably don’t even need my permission. You can always talk about it as a piercing that went bad, when the grandkids ask. And the Breatharian Diet? This one’s been known forever; it’s called Hunger Strike

Some Like (Dieting) Hot!


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