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Heat’em Up and Feel Young: The Fires of Youth Cocktail


Chiles are good in mixed drinks. There aren’t a lot of specific recipes, though. My recently-published World’s Quickest Bar Guide (for Kindle) has very few options, and believe me, I looked.

You can use pepper-flavored vegetable juice to add some heat, or you can use hot sauces like Sriracha to punch up your Bloody Mary. I recently found a more direct approach, using a chipotle chile. This adds smoke and heat in abundance! You can see the original mix here.

One issue: You have to like mezcal. If not, substitute tequila for a similar drink without the mezcal aftertaste. Yes, they’re from the same sort of plant, basically; however, I find tequila a bit more approachable.

In either case, be prepared for a burn that starts out a bit slowly and then turns the corner and makes your hair frizz. It’s a good kind of hurt, though! And once you’ve finished the adventure, things will settle out to a pleasant glow that isn’t all alcohol…

Turn Up the (Agave and Chiles) Heat!


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