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A Big Surprise: Crispy Clangers Recipe

Big Eyes

There’s never a delicate way to put this, but there’s an ingredient out there that’s involved in Texas folklore that, well, can be used to prove a man’s, uhh, manhood. Often called Rocky Mountain Oysters or Prairie Oysters, there are many ways these ovoid morsels get prepared for consumption. Leave it to a woman, Jennifer Mclagan, to put out what may be the best edition in years. It’s in her book, “Odd Bits: How to Cook the Rest of the Animal” published by Ten Speed Press.

Rather than expose the surprise right here in front of God and everybody I’ll simply refer you to the article (above link) that, shall we say, cuts to the chase. Peppers, onions, a tasty caper sauce; what’s not to like?

So next time you’re looking for “something special” to surprise some Yankee visitors or something, consider offering this meal and see how they fare. Then see how they react when you tell them what they really ate…

Enjoy the (Hot Hang-Ups) Heat!


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