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Pan-Seared Trout Crusted With Pecans

This entry is part of a series, F4F 2012»

Pecan Crusted Fish

It’s been a while since Fish 4 Friday graced these pages. With Lent just around the corner, though, time to get back into practice!

Trout, whether from fresh waters or the sea, makes might fine eating if prepared well. As with most fish, quick cooking is a key. Today’s recipe is one of the easiest we’ve seen in a while. You can go from fridge to plate in less than thirty minutes and have plenty of time to fix some sides too:

This is considered “Southern Style” cooking, only without the fat and all. What makes it Southern? The pecans, of course! Pecans are plentiful right now too, since the harvest has just come in. If you want to try a tasty variation, use walnuts instead. If you do, though, consider using white walnuts instead of the black variety indigenous to the South; they’re milder in flavor and won’t bury the trout’s goodness.

Pecan Halves

I recommend lime wedges rather than the stereotypical lemon. Why? I find they taste better with fried fish. Use either one, of course, or nothing, as you prefer. If you haven’t tried limes, though, I suggest you check them out the next time you have fried fish of any sort. Oh, and if you’re serving these to guests as a posh dinner, put some of the parsley across the top for eye appeal. They’ll think you’re Cordon Bleu trained.

That’s pretty much it! Steam some winter vegetables for side dish, and don’t forget the wine…

Enjoy the (Southern-Style Seafood) Heat!


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