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Mixed Drinks You Never Imagined

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Sometimes the news websites have important stuff on them. I don’t mean fire, flood, and devastation. (Or the Primaries, which amount to the same thing.) Anybody can post about that stuff. I mean food and beverage. As in the two pivotal posts I found recently on the Fox News page. The first that caught my eye was a variation using tea, and another that uses an over-the-counter medication that’s actually pretty good for you.

Jennie Ripps, who founded tea blending company in Manhattan, the Teaologist, came up with a tea and vodka concoction that looks like it’d make a fine afternoon bracer (as W. C. Fields would call it). It’s ridiculously simple: 2 parts Yerba Green Tea, or Ginger Tea, or Peach Tea (the Teaologist’s special blend, if you have it), one part vodka (she recommends Voli light vodka; I say use their orange vanilla or lemon flavors), and some agave nectar. Mix, drink and repeat. Depending on how your day’s going by early afternoon, the repeat part may become more or less important.

Top Chef featured Marcel Vigneron last year; yes, THAT Marcel, of Syfy’s “Marcel’s Quantum Kitchen.” (I know, I know; you’re big fans.) Marcel has developed a drink that’s way better than Tang: A spritzer that features Emergen-C. Blood orange juice (or regular, if that’s all you have), club soda and vodka in equal parts, with tropical Emergen-C dissolved in, then poured over ice. Evidence that O.J. isn’t just for breakfast anymore!

Creativity isn’t dead in the food world, especially mixed adult beverages; so go create! You could be famous by the weekend…

Enjoy the (Mixed-Up Cocktails) Heat!


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