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Urbanspoon Rankings: Settling In…


I’ve been linking my restaurant reviews to Urbanspoon for a long while now. I’ve managed to attain quite a high ranking on the Austin (Central Texas) blogs list with them too, more through perseverance than anything else.  Recently the ranking has reached #5 occasionally, as the “votes” (visits to websites) come in. I’m certainly in the middle of the Top Ten, which is a comfortable place to be. Breaking into the top three is very tough; there are some dedicated eatery reviewers with very long track records and good reach on their sites.

I’m still the only one who sees restaurant reviews as a small portion of the monthly presence of their blog, though. So in that regard, it’s a great coup to find myself highly ranked. Fun too, actually.

I’m curious, though. Do you use Urbanspoon to help you find a restaurant choice? Or do you use some other review site (cough, Yelp, cough)? I know Google has become a standard for that sort of search, as it has for everything else. (I got smacked for suggesting that PJ look on Google for her missing TV remote rather than having me get up and look around.) Do you use restaurant apps on your smart phone? How DO you gather info on prospective restaurants?

Inquiring minds want to know; so stop by and give us the goods…

Enjoy the (Food Finder Tools) Heat!


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