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Heat’em Up and Feel Young: The Fires of Youth Cocktail

Chiles are good in mixed drinks. There aren’t a lot of specific recipes, though. My recently-published World’s Quickest Bar Guide (for Kindle) has very few options, and believe me, I looked.

You can use pepper-flavored vegetable juice to add some heat, or you can use hot sauces like Sriracha to punch up your Bloody Mary. I […]

Cooking With Wine: One of My Favorites…

One of the simplest ways to add flavor to a dish is to use wine. While not every food benefits, there are many items you cook that can see their flavor enhanced with a bit of the “fruit of the vine.” It’s low-fat, gluten free, and high flavor.

Some recipes call specifically for wine, in detail: […]

Hot Bytes for 2012-01-21

The Furor Continues: What Paula Deen didn’t bring to the table – The Washington Post http://t.co/lcoIp4cw #
The Southern Chef Counters: Paula Deen pledges money to diabetes association – http://t.co/7W1SqNTv http://t.co/OXvhJ7AU #
Sizzling Latino Chef: Lucia Robles is Strong Enough to Win, Cute Enough to Model | Fox News Latino http://t.co/s9Id1hIx #
Winter citrus recipes: Key Ingredient – […]

Hot Bytes for 2012-01-20

'Top Chef: Texas': Which cooks are walkin' in tall cotton? (And why is this so popular in CA?) – http://t.co/4gMZ4CT1 http://t.co/77dSEJZh #
It's that time of year again! Trading Post: Recipes that call for Girl Scout cookies – http://t.co/IosRnEHc #
The Food Channel (the "other" food source on TV, owned by same firm as Food Network) lists […]

Fish 4 Friday: Dungeness Crab That’s So Good the Devil’s Ashamed…

This entry is part of a series, F4F 2012»

Yep, it’s a new year, and time for some fish dishes! Gotta get warmed up, Lent is just around the corner…

We’re in the middle of crab season, and plenty of restaurants are offering tantalizing meals to entice you to spend your smackerels on their, er, mackerel. […]

It’s Wednesday, and I’m About to Join the e-Published…

I’ve got a short cookbook about ready for publication. Not as a paper item, though; for the Amazon Kindle. I’m trying that out first, to learn the ropes and see how it goes. Once I know more about exact publication date, etc., I’ll let you know so you can get a bajillion copies and vault […]

Diet Trends to Avoid (Especially the Last Two)

This is the time of year when way too many of us are thinking Diet. Unfortunately, too many of us are looking for a quick fix; the gym’s such a drag, and actually eating less is even worse.

Which means, some folks are trying things that are stupid, dangerous or both. Okay, the raw food diet […]

Hot Bytes for 2012-01-16

TV chef Aarón Sanchez shares Mexican-inspired recipes in  ‘Simple Food, Big Flavor’ (Banging Baby’s-Got-Back Ribs!?) – http://t.co/uVHfmfIW #
Soup Recipes to Savor, including one of my faves: Potato & Leek – Sunset Hills-Crestwood, MO Patch http://t.co/VJ9DOG6n #
Cooking with the Pack: Website brings fans together to swap recipes (including soups!) | Green Bay Press Gazette http://t.co/2382FdHo #
Want a sandwich […]