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Groundhog Day: Any Special Eats?


Time to drag out that old copy of the Groundhog Day movie, starring your favorite crazy, Bill Murray. The only question is, what to eat while watching?

I suppose you could search out some appropriate roadkill and make a stew from that “special” meat. But really, what’s a good thing to eat on this special day? How ‘bout something to make the day into a bit of a party. The website Cupcakes Take the Cake proposes you enjoy special cupcakes. And boy have they got a nice selection! I’m not much into baking, but these tasty über-morsels had my mouth watering. Click on the links at the bottom for more ideas.

Chew on That suggests that it’s not a bad day to go vegetarian, since woodchucks are primarily greens-eaters. How about a nice spinach salad? Or maybe some crispy onion flowers. There’s a nice recipe for a salad containing berries and Mandarin orange slices that looks quite yummy as well. Okay, it’s one way to go native.

Or you can do as Mother Earth News suggests, and actually eat ground whistlepig. I’m not saying I’m going that route, given that we’re at least a thousand miles from their habitat, but if you’re in their neck of the woods, well then, I suppose you’ve got a choice to make…

Enjoy the (Same Day Over and Over) Heat!


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