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Thinking About the Garden, Already


The weather here’s been warm, at least for February. I’m not saying I’ve put the coats away yet, but some of the trees are thinking about budding out. It’s way too early for them, of course, and if they do they’ll likely get bit in a late frost; but hey, it’s their choice, right? At least there’s nothing I can do about their misunderstanding.

Still, it’s got me to thinking. Maybe I’m a bit behind the curve here. I don’t have the garden space prepared. Shoot, I really haven’t decided what to plant this year. Tomatoes, naturally; and maybe they’ll do as well this year as they did last. If so, I’ll need to reinforce some of the cages! And set them further apart. Fortunately, I’ll have the space. I don’t plan for any cukes this spring; they did so miserably last year, and they take up good space, even with a vertical-running trellis. Besides, by the time I could get those fruits ripened the groceries and farmers markets will have plenty, at reasonable prices.

Peppers? But of course! Hot and mild. I’m thinking some more TAM jalapeños, and this year some habañeros. Bells did poorly last year, and the poblanos were a big waste of space. However, cayennes yielded well.  And the Serranos were very productive! So I’ll go in those directions this year. I’ll put in more plants than last year too; they can have half the cucumber space. Besides, I’ll need plenty of zesty chiles for pepper jelly. That stuff is becoming a big hit in these parts!

I’ll still put herbs in the northeast corner; that worked well last year. Thai basil did exceptionally well, as did sweet basil and the sage. This year I’ll dry some of the herbs at peak, rather than let it go to seed.

Guess I need to get my seedlings started! Where’s those window kits I bought last year on sale…

Enjoy the (Preparing for Produce) Heat!


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