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It’s Raining in Texas…

Rain Catcher

And I didn’t even have to get nekkid and dance in the yard. (Good thing too; the neighborhood watch has me on the list after that last little misunderstanding, I think.) After the last several years, when we’ve been very dry at this time, it’s nice to actually be ahead of schedule for moisture for the year.

Oh, the drought’s not broken or anything. Nothing that good! The lakes are still way down; Travis, for instance, is still below 40% of full. We could still use another ten inches of rain in the coming month, and at that we’d only be in severe drought, with maybe the lakes about two-thirds full. Not a great place to start the summer, but better than the dire conditions we’ve had recently.

The garden will need all the help it can get! Maybe I’ll do that rain dance anyway…

Enjoy the (Water from Heaven) Heat!


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