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What Do You Have for Sunday Lunch When It’s Cold and Wet?


Stew? A hearty soup? Chili? Maybe something from the slow cooker?

I like any of those choices, and since it’s usually indoor time when the weather’s nasty out, cooking’s a joy. I take my time and check the dish regularly while I work on fiction or something equally gentle. We don’t have snow down here, thank goodness; though if we got about four feet right now I’d be set until it melts, with the pantry stocked and all. Oh, we’d run out of milk and fresh OJ, but we could handle that. The water, though; that would be a gift.

Not that our drivers could handle it! We’d have so many cars in the ditch that it would look like Armageddon. (Carmageddon?) But I digress…

Here’s an idea: If you’re not going out, try breakfast for lunch. Make some grits (don’t tell me you don’t have any, or I’ll have to pull your honorary Texan tags), fry some sausage and eggs, and go for it! Coffee, juice, toast or home-made biscuits; all should make an appearance. It’s surprisingly easy to make this meal, and very comfort-food style too. Just what you need on a cold Sunday.

I see you eyeing that leftover cold pizza; don’t even go there…

Enjoy the (Winter Weather Meals) Heat!


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