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Think Global, Blog Local…

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One of the attractions of blogging is the potential to reach viewers around the world. (And if my friend Tom’s blog is any indication, that reach isn’t limited to this planet.) After you write for a few years, though, you realize, there are many opportunities to inform readers close to home, and these options are mostly going begging. The seduction of having a global presence has diminished local focus, where we can actually have the biggest impact as writers.

Hence the website BlogLocal.

The particular post that got me to thinking is their note about Urbanspoon. They make some really good points about joining Urbanspoon if you’re a serious restaurant reviewer. For instance, Urbanspoon links back to your blog automatically; it increases traffic to your site; and it connects you to the community of foodies in your region.

Naturally, there’s more to blog about locally than food. (Not much, but stay with me.) There’s wine, weddings and wheels; travel, tools and tranquility; shopping, socializing and style. You get the picture. Making it locally relevant isn’t hard either. Staying connected to the community, and reporting your niche interest, is the essence of good journalism most places and times. Not likely to get you the Pulitzer, but hey, that’s just an award. (And fame. And riches. But who needs those? We’re BLOGGERS.)

So while you’re writing your blog for everybody (and these days, it could be just that), don’t overlook opportunities to spread the good stuff about local events and interests. For instance, I’m claiming dibs (again) on Farmers Markets in the greater Austin area; they’ll be starting up Real Soon Now, so stay tuned…

Enjoy the (Local Flavor) Heat!


2 comments to Think Global, Blog Local…

  • Lindsay

    This is a great post – I like the way you talk about the global and local of writing. Thank you so much for linking to BlogLocal! One of the main reasons I started BlogLocal is to make it easier to find blogs when I visit other cities. Thanks for submitting Chilie Underground to the map. We invite all local bloggers to add their sites to the map as well. Submit blogs here – http://blog.bloglocal.net/submit-a-local-blog-2/

    • Lindsay, I’m glad you started BlogLocal, and I’m surely glad I found your site! I wish more people could see that it isn’t “Global vs. Local” when it comes to blogging (at least for most of us). Instead, it should be “Global AND Local” and bloggers should, by all means, serve the communities in their geographic region.

      Thanks for stopping by! If you enjoy zesty foods, come by often…