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Lent’s a Week Away; What’s Your Plan?

Lenten Flowers

Yep, the dreaded special period of Lent is almost upon us. Time to think about what you’re going to give up. (I tried giving up poverty last year; didn’t work.) Besides the usual, I mean.

Before Ash Wednesday sneaks up on us like a windshield on a bug, there’s Carnival and Fat Tuesday to indulge in survive. While we won’t make it to New Orleans for Mardi Gras, we have dug out our beads. Just in case a parade breaks out in our neighborhood, you see. And for Fat Tuesday, I’m not sure what we’ll do; we may even go on Monday to avoid the rush.

Maturity helps you make decisions like that.

As for what we’ll give up around here at the Underground: How ‘bout drunken elves? You need a little help around you place? I can send you a few. And believe me, they’re about as little help as you can find…

Enjoy the (Reflect and Renew) Heat!


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