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Ah, Those Fun-Loving Carolinians and Their Quirky Quisine

Big Crab

Most of the country only know a few things about the South. For instance, Redneck Jokes. (Some of these are not jokes down here; they’re sound advice for living.) Other things that may be general knowledge include our love of barbeque, car racing, hunting and fishing, gospel music and sweet tea. Some of us even collect Dixie cups.

The folks in Carolinas, though, they’re special even amongst Southerners. Their traditions go back further than most areas; roughly four centuries. They know how to live off the land. Shoot, back then, locavore wasn’t a philosophy, it was the only way to survive!

Which brings me to a recent article on Lowcountry cuisine. (Their term, Lowcountry.) Things like she-crab soup. Frogmore stew. Chicken bog and Pilau. Shrimp and grits. Benne wafers. And that’s just the short list. Yes, it’s a rich and unique tradition, this cuisine. Artisinal, tasty, sumptuous and local.

Consider taking a tour in the area if you like regional food variations. Wait until the crab soup comes into season, though, or you’ll miss out on one of the finest offerings they’ve got. Although, if you try everything else, you’ll hardly miss it…

(Don’t worry, the title’s purposely misspelled. I believe if you go for alliteration, go strong or don’t go at all.)

Enjoy the (Funny Southern Food) Heat!


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