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Bon Appétit’s Here! Time to Dig In…

Deviled Eggs

The first issue of my new subscription to Bon Appétit arrived, and boy is it chock-full of tasty ideas! I’ll have more on the contents later, but the first thing I opened the magazine to got me so excited I had to share…

Right up front they have an article about deviled eggs, one of my all-time most favoritest appetizers. (They make a great side dish too.) And the first recipe they offer? Bacon Deviled Eggs. Can’t go wrong with bacon! Other versions they highlight include sliced pimiento topped, trout caviar, pickled okra, and the simple paprika-dusted deviled egg.

These things are so easy to make too! And they’ll keep nicely in the fridge for a day or two, in an appropriate container. Just be sure to make perfect hard-boiled eggs, without the green color around the yolk that indicates over-cooking. Oh, and if you want that egg easy to peel, use eggs that are about a week old or so…

Enjoy the (Eggs-acting Appetizers) Heat!


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