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New Feature on the Underground…

Paulas Penguins

… and everybody’s stampeding to give it a try. No, it’s not a news feature, nor a recipe feature, exactly. No, the Head Elf Herself (a.k.a. the beauteous Paula Jo, or the Wicked Witch of the West, depending on how things are going) got this idea in the middle of a drunken frenzy. Put some buttons on the sidebar so folks can find the top Underground series quickly and easily. I told her I’d already thought of that (I was drunk too, and not my usual quick-witted self; that’s my excuse, anyways), and that it couldn’t possibly work.

After I recovered somewhat I retired to my lair to lick my wounds did some research. Lo and behold, there IS a way to do exactly the thing I thought of she wanted. You can find the BGBs (Big Green Buttons) on the right sidebar. Simply slide your trusty mouse pointer over the button of choice, click when the button turns blue and Voila! You’ll be taken to the first post of the series. After that you’re on your own you simply use the Series menu pull-down that’s in the post (near the top, in red) and you can go step-by-step through the series, or dance around as randomly as you prefer.

Anyway, it works. Just don’t tell PJ I said so. I’ve got enough lumps for now.

Hopefully this clever technological breakthrough will be useful to you and help you enjoy your visits to the Underground even more than usually…

Enjoy the (Push-Button Bliss) Heat!


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