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Getting the Garden Ready!

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It’s that time of year again; when a young man’s fancy turns to, well, pretty much anything but hard work. However, that garden plot won’t get itself ready…

This year I’m putting in a lot of organic. A truckload on 1,000 square feet. First, I’ll till it to break the hard dirt up, then dump the compost on, one wheelbarrow at a time. (I think it’ll be about 40 barrow-loads total.) Then deep-tilling it. I’ll probably till it after I get half of the organics on top, to be sure to get a thorough dispersal.

Then planting.

This year I’ll do some radishes, but probably not peas. There were lots of fresh peas at the farmers markets, better-looking ones than I grew. My radishes were fine though, and they only take four weeks to mature. I’ll plant two plantings about 10 days apart, to spread out the wealth. And I’ll have the herbs in again, though after some reading I’m thinking about mostly doing those in pots. Except for rosemary. I got a lot of sweet basil started, so maybe that can go as a border around part of the plot.

This year will be the year of heirloom tomatoes. Jess found a supplier and got me a half-dozen varieties as seeds, which I’ve gotten started in a tray. I’ll be transporting them to peat pots in a few days, then when they’re large enough (and last frost is well behind us) I’ll put those in the ground.

Vegetables in Rows

Of course, chile peppers will take up considerable space again this year. TAM Jalapeños will be featured, since they did so well last year. And some cayennes; those were not only very productive, but nicely hot. The three little Serrano bushes I had put out peppers until first frost, and even then the fruit ripened on the vine into December; so yes, several Serrano bushes will go in the plot. I’ve started Habañeros from seed too; they should be ready to transplant in a couple of weeks or so. If there’s any leftover space I’ll look for Fresnos or something; maybe Caribes. No poblanos for me this year; two years in a row they haven’t set on anything, so I’ll skip them this year. And bell peppers are too plentiful and wide-spread for me to want to fight with growing them. Yeah, just the smaller chiles for me, this year.

Maybe some birds-eye chiles as decoration around the edges of the plot? Seems they like to stay in small bushes, very ornamental as well as tasty. Hmmm; there’s an idea…

Enjoy the (Plotting and Planting) Heat!


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