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Garden Upgrade in Progress; Please Wait…

Dirt Wheels

This year I’m getting serious about the garden. I mean, what with the Mayan Apocalypse upon us, I figger I better have a goodly store of canned veggies on hand. In case I get left behind or something. I mean, you just never know about these things! But I digress.

I’m ordering a few tons of sterile compost, and I’ve got a new wheelbarrow. Time to get all that exercise I claim I’m going to get! (If we get a flood, I’ll take the blame.)

The seedlings are mostly doing well. The habañeros aren’t germinating; guess I’ll have to buy some of those. Oh well. The heirloom tomatoes Jess got me for Christmas are doing great, except for a variety called Blanche Whites. Only have one of those sticking up.

And the tomatillos. Man, are they aggressive! They have gotten several inches tall, all without adding any extra leaves. I never saw a young veggie plant do that. In the next few days, though, I expect them to begin to bush out. They’re sitting in the sun right now, leaned over towards the window.

We had to raise a dog crate up onto a table and put the seedlings in there, to keep the cats from grazing them down to the roots. Archie still tries to get into the crate; it’s a hoot to watch him thinking through the puzzle. So far, though, he’s not gotten to much on the greens, and that’s fine by me…

Enjoy the (Garden Startup) Heat!


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