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What Do Glazed Donuts, Lebron James and Tasty Pork Have in Common?

This entry is part of a series, Follies 2012»

Box of Donuts

If you already knew that the answer is Dunkin’ Donuts, then a) you’re extremely well-informed, b) almost as good-looking as the Underground’s Chief Elf, and c) you need to get a life. Really.

Dunkin’ Donuts? Yes, THAT Dunkin’. The one that sells more coffee than Starbucks. They’re growing at more than 5% a year in the Pacific Rim region, where they’ll add another 250 stores this year. To cater to the refined Asian palate, they’re offering pork-flavored donuts. And to get their message across, they’ve hired the most Oriental-looking spokesperson they could afford: Lebron James. Actually, it’s his acumen with a leather-covered sphere that got him the gig. With Yao Ming out of the picture, Lebron gets to carry the goods. And the sacks of cash.

Lonely Donut

I only hope Leborn doesn’t eat too many of those pork fat pills, or he’ll not be able to get over the rim; which might seriously interfere with his day job…

P.S. Today the Alamo fell to Santa Ana’s troops, in 1836. Remember the Alamo!

Enjoy the (Policeman’s Porky Pal) Heat!


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