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Jewish Food on a Stick: A Heavenly Food Breakthrough


Tomorrow’s Purim, by most accounts, a special celebration of a time when the Jewish population of Persia were delivered from extermination. Purim means “lots” as in lottery; the day the Jews were to be massacred was chosen by chance using lots. The fellow who perpetrated this attempt, Haman, was ultimately executed by the king of Persia for his perfidy. His ten sons were executed with him.

Jolly good ol’ story, eh? Well, it’s good enough to lead to a special celebration, it is. And the preparation of a special food: Hamantaschen. Small, filled cookies (pastries). These treats are usually triangular in shape, and can be filled with savory or sweet fillings. The original filling was based on poppy seeds. (I’m not sure if modern drug-testing killed that off or not.)

These days, you can get hamantaschen deep-fried on a stick, which means even Real Men can enjoy them! (I wonder if they do any zesty ones? Nah; probably not, darn it.)

However you choose to enjoy these treats, be sure to have an extra to honor ol’ Haman. If he hadn’t conspired against a whole people, we’d not be enjoying their tastiness these days…

Enjoy the (Tri-Corner Hat Shaped Snacks) Heat!


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