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St. Paddy’s Week is Finally Here!

Irish Beer

Get Your Green On! Saint Patrick’s Day is this week. You’ve got as lot to do to get ready, too…

First, get some Guinness. And some corned beef and cabbage. While you’re at it, take out your Irish music recordings. (Or switch to your Irish music channel on Pandora. You DO have one, right?) If you’re having any beer that’s NOT Guinness, then maybe you should turn in your “Kiss Me I’m Irish” button get some green food coloring so you can at least turn that pale horsepiss stuff into something colorful. You won’t need it for Guinness, of course.

Okay, okay; I admit it, Guinness isn’t the only Irish beer you could consider for this week. Beamish is passable, as is Ohara’s with their nice selections. Murphy’s Red is a possibility, although its damned tough to turn that stuff green. I enjoy a Kilkenny every now and again (and you should too). Smithwick’s is quite drinkable. As for the Guinness, there’s Draught, Extra Stout, Foreign Extra Stout, and Special Export. (The 250th Anniversary special is all gone, sadly.) Too bad we can’t get the Foreign Extra here in the States; it’s a great brew for celebrating.

Let’s say you’re geographically challenged and can’t get any of the true, Irish good stuff. There are a few American brews that have the potential to keep you from going dry. Samuel Adams makes a passable Irish Red, as well as the Three Floyds Brewing Company (Brian Boru Irish Red). If you’re in central Texas, you should latch onto some Convict Hill Oatmeal Stout for a pleasant surprise.

That’s maybe enough about the beer requirement. Just so you understand how crucial that part of St. Paddy’s is.

Now get some potatoes. Maybe a couple sacks. To go with the corned beef, naturally. You can start eating on those right away, no need to wait until Saturday. I suggest baked, creamed, fried. Maybe all three in one sitting. I remember, every meal I ate out in Adare, there were at least two different types of potatoes served with the main course. And I think you could get some desserts made with the humble tuber.

One last thing: Wash your green clothes, you’ll need them come Saturday…

Enjoy the (Full O’ Irish) Heat!


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