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It’s Been a While…

Mole Dig

Okay, things haven’t been going too swimmingly here at the Chile Underground World Headquarters, Bake Shop and Vegetable Plant Center. So much to do, as happens in a spring where the bleeding garden is being rebuilt. On top of that, I’ve found out something truly amazing: The Intertubes has a wonderful feature called “live streaming.” Which means I can waste hours and hours idly watching all sorts of nonsense watch cricket live now, rather than waiting for the end of a match and reading a dry summary. If only those crazy matches would be played at some reasonable hour! Getting up at 0200 to watch the Civilized Sport is such a pain, and a disruption of my sleep cycle.

But I digress…

Other than digging in the garden like a maniacal mole on Methadrine, there’s not been a lot going on. I’ll endeavor to catch up the posts here, with some recipes, thoughts on what to plant in the garden and more.

Maybe even a post or two about cricket in tropical climes; who knows…

Enjoy the (Sweat-Soaked Springtime Spadework) Heat!


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