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Hot Bytes for 2012-04-22

Richard Bertinet's sweet and savoury tart recipes | Life and style | The Observer http://t.co/C9tBbnUu #
Seven influential Mexican cookbooks – http://t.co/4gMZ4CT1 http://t.co/N9j7gIDe #
Lauren Shapiro: 30 Minutes With Chef Grant Achatz: The Mind Behind the Best Restaurant in the World http://t.co/Ps4vhyLz #

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Hot Bytes for 2012-04-08

Too much junk food can lead to depression (or, too little, in my case): Study – CBS News http://t.co/erbXFirx #
Five Easy Cocktail Recipes for Easter – Belmont Shore-Naples, CA Patch http://t.co/SSUHZydB #
Scene – Blogs – Five easy Easter brunch recipes (Go for AB's French Toast! Killer stuff.) | Tulsa World http://t.co/ynan6DG8 #
Passover Recipes: No-Fail Matzo […]

Food Pickup Lines For Your Next Pub-Crawl

This post is only for the single types. If you’re attached, you can move along. (Try the big green buttons on the right sidebar if you’re bored out of your gourd in need of exciting reading material.)

Cruising the bar scene; it’s a tough life. Plenty of cheetahs and cougars out there, not to mention the […]

New Vodka Flavor Astounds the Market; a Danger to Youngsters?

This entry is part of a series, Follies 2012»

As we reported earlier, there’s a real shift under way in the market for distilled spirits. People are buying more, and higher up the scale, than ever before. The drive, though, isn’t about snoot factor: It’s flavor. Folks are looking for stronger essences, and lots and […]

Lent Almost Over; Let’s Have One More Fish Dish

Yeah, let’s have one more, just for the halibut. (Sorry, couldn’t resist.)

Speaking of halibut, today’s dish could use that tasty white-fleshed fish. Flounder, turbot, fluke, trout; even striped bass or cod will work in this recipe as well. We’ll want fillet thickness, not steaks, which may not cook all the way through.  A piece of […]

Swagat Indian: A Disappointment With a Few Bright Spots

This entry is part of a series, Restaurants»

Apparently this restaurant has closed, or at least changed its name to protect the innocent.

The millions of many thousands of loyal CU followers know I’m a big fan of Indian food. (The “big” is a figure of speech, naturally.) I found out, though, that I’d been missing a […]

Going Back Pho More at a Local Favorite

This entry is part of a series, Restaurants»

I’ve not been eating out much since the Holiday break. Concentrating on writing keeps me close to the keyboard, and the pantry and fridge are well-stocked. When I leave the friendly confines of the Chile Underground World Headquarters and Pepper-Perceptive Man Cave it’s to visit the gym […]

Drinks and Snacks on the Deck at McCormick & Schmick’s

This entry is part of a series, Restaurants»

Evenings this time of year are very often pleasant here in central Texas. Temperature at mid-afternoon is steady in the low eighties, so by the time rush hour arrives the air takes on a silky, cooling feel. Breezes are usually light too. Perfect for dining al fresco, […]