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New Vodka Flavor Astounds the Market; a Danger to Youngsters?

This entry is part of a series, Follies 2012»

PB&J Sandwich

As we reported earlier, there’s a real shift under way in the market for distilled spirits. People are buying more, and higher up the scale, than ever before. The drive, though, isn’t about snoot factor: It’s flavor. Folks are looking for stronger essences, and lots and lots of different combinations.

Take bacon-flavored vodka, for instance. It’s been around quite a while now. Although it may have gotten its start as some sort of novelty, maybe even on a dare, it’s sure taken off in the marketplace. Using Bakon you can get flavors into drinks like the Bloody Mary, the Vodka Sour or even the classic Cosmopolitan.

Now comes a flavor from Van Gogh Vodka that I couldn’t have ever predicted:  PB&J. Yep, just like the sandwich you ate nearly every day as a kid. Oh, they’ve left off the bread, I hear; but they got the peanuty aroma, and hints of raspberry in the taste. One of those “I really wish I had thought of that” moments for us all. So what’s next? Well, if they can get a lettuce-and-tomato version we can add the Bakon and have BLT sandwiches. With a shooter of dill pickle juice on the side. Perfect!

As for PB&J vodka being a danger to the yoongsters: Nope; not any more than other spirits, I venture to say. But people like my wife, who craves PB&J sandwiches the way a preggers Jessica Simpson craves vanilla Blue Bell ice cream with her sour pickles at the oddest times, may find a use for this liquor.  I’ll let you know…

Enjoy the (Screwy Sentimental Spirits) Heat!


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