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Food Pickup Lines For Your Next Pub-Crawl

Bar Ladies

This post is only for the single types. If you’re attached, you can move along. (Try the big green buttons on the right sidebar if you’re bored out of your gourd in need of exciting reading material.)

Cruising the bar scene; it’s a tough life. Plenty of cheetahs and cougars out there, not to mention the ones you wouldn’t even want your best friend to wake up next to. Still, if you’re going to go for it, you’ll need some tasty pickup lines.

The sad thing is, all you’ve got are stale old tries. Puns on their beauty; silly sports lines; flattery (which doesn’t work as advertised); sweet, or corny, or just plain ol’ dirty ones (the kind that gets your face slapped; yeah, you know the ones, I saw you reach for your cheek). What you need are pickups that are from an entirely new category.

Fortunately, there are plenty of food-related ones. A whole article’s worth, right here. Some of the highlights (such as they are):

  • Are you into salads? Because I think I’m falling in lovage.
  • You’re looking so sweet, you’ve got my eyes glazed over like doughnuts. (Krispy Kremes?)
  • You’re spicier than Sriracha. (If you have to explain it…)

Remember, try these at your own risk…

Enjoy the (Fun With Food Lines) Heat!


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