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Hot Bytes for 2012-05-30

Want to know some of the Colonel's Secrets? 2 recipes revealed in KFC Colonel Sanders autobiography – Chicago Sun-Times http://t.co/ZVITXJ5t #
Not all manufactured foods are bad! Cool recipes for Cool Whip – http://t.co/kvV499bm: DeKalb Living http://t.co/yvvC7CLi #
Time to get ready, it's just around the corner: Father's Day recipes http://t.co/ZNSI5pRx #
Indian/Pakistani recipe, originally […]

What Does a Redneck Put on Salads? Hillbilly Tomatoes, of Course…

Heirloom tomatoes are all the rage these days. Why? In my opinion, Americans want more flavor. In everything. Typical store-boughten tomatoes don’t seem to have much savor or aroma these days. They’re “designed” and optimized to stand up to the rigors of logistics: Picking, stacking, storing, shipping, more storing, and so on. They’re usually picked […]

Hot Bytes for 2012-05-22

Mad Men Fever really does bring back the nostalgia: 'The Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Sixties Cookbook' – http://t.co/FFbIbjcl http://t.co/MCcacRLj #
The Modern Way to Diet! Stop Signs In Food – The New Secret to Weight Loss – Forbes http://t.co/sy9ORklj #
Just remember, you heard it here first! Does Organic Food Turn You into a Jerk? […]

Simple Genius for Flavor

Bon Apétit has an article in their May edition that gives six simple techniques for boosting flavor. The premise of the article is that these techniques will make your weekend cooking so much better.

I say, why wait for the weekend?

Here are the six ideas:

Roast Your Veggies
Fry Those Spices
Build a Flavor Base
Confit Your Garlic
Macerate It
Brown the […]

Chicken-Stuffed Tomatoes, Yum!

Just the thought of going out to the garden about lunchtime and picking a couple of juicy, ripe tomatoes for stuffing is already making my mouth water! Here’s a couple of ways to prepare a great summer lunch, easy and hard (sorta).

First, the easy: Go to the grocer’s and buy a small tub of prepared […]

Meat is Macho, and Organic Food Causes Behavior Failures

Welcome to this special edition of Friday Follies, and only a single day late! Today we’ll explore both proteinoids and vegetables…

Eating healthy is a global movement these days, but one group is conspicuously absent: Real Men. Seems they’re sticking by their favorite foods, including anything that’s deep-fried and served on a stick. Their diet includes […]

Time for Tomatoes!

Okay, maybe not quite. But we need to prepare for the day, coming soon, when best of summer comes in by the bushel: Home-grown tomatoes. (Perhaps you think of sweet corn as the best summer has to offer? That’s a close second; dangerously close.)

I notice that plum (Roma) tomatoes are showing up in quantity in […]

Hot Bytes for 2012-05-06

Yep, it's time once again! Cinco de Mayo salsa and guacamole recipes | Washington Times Communities http://t.co/3PqqIY2B #
More goodies for the Great American Holiday, Cinco de Mayo: Recipes for Party Foods – Walnut, CA Patch http://t.co/18J0WyK1 #
Cinco de Mayo AND the Derby on one day! Mint Julep and Watermelon Lemonade Recipes for Kentucky Derby Sippin' […]