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Meat is Macho, and Organic Food Causes Behavior Failures


Welcome to this special edition of Friday Follies, and only a single day late! Today we’ll explore both proteinoids and vegetables…

Eating healthy is a global movement these days, but one group is conspicuously absent: Real Men. Seems they’re sticking by their favorite foods, including anything that’s deep-fried and served on a stick. Their diet includes meat, lots of it. And not that wimpy ground-up stuff (unless it’s in a monster hamburger of some sort). Oh no, Real Men want bleeding hunks of muscle, preferably scorched lightly on some sort of fire. Bonfires are great, charcoal is good; a gas grill is acceptable if there’s no other combustion source available, such as all that beat-up old antique furniture the wifey’s stored in the garage and attic.

But you knew about all that already, right? The question is, why? I mean, why do Real Men the world over stick to their guns and their steaks? To put it another way, why haven’t Significant Others around the world been able to drag their Real Men kicking and screaming move their partners into healthy eating practices?

Well, I’ve got an answer. And it only took a big pile of your tax dollars to figure it out.

The Journal of Consumer Research have definitively linked meat-eating with masculinity, as reported here. The bottom line: Men who eat meat see themselves as more macho. Indeed, in most western countries (at least), even other people view men who eat meat as more manly. Hang the known (and suspected) negatives of meat-eating on health. After all vegetarians don’t really live longer, it just seems that way.

If your response is anything other than “Well, Duh!” then we need to talk about some real estate I’m selling. It’s a good thing we paid all those scientists to clear this up for us…

Organic Veggies

In other news, a recent post on the Today Health page asks the burning question on everybody’s mind: Does organic food turn people into jerks? Anybody who visits farmers markets, or occasionally buys produce at the terribly overpriced specialty, organic grocers nearby knows about this phenomenon. You’ve all seen the overdressed yuppie knockoff shoppers with their reusable cloth bags or hand-crafted wicker baskets, testing fruits and veggies, then returning them to the piles with nose-up disdain.

New research (your tax bucks at work again!) has now definitely demonstrated that a judgmental attitude goes hand-in-hand with over-exposure to organic foods. Or to put it another way, folks who practice what they believe to be higher moral behavior than their peers can become self-righteous. Which then leads them to snub their “inferiors” in certain settings. Including foraging for victuals and the like.

My only question is, how does this surprise anybody? Then again, what else should we be using our tax dollars for, if not for cutting-edge research like this…

Enjoy the (Funny Food Research) Heat!


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