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Chicken-Stuffed Tomatoes, Yum!


Just the thought of going out to the garden about lunchtime and picking a couple of juicy, ripe tomatoes for stuffing is already making my mouth water! Here’s a couple of ways to prepare a great summer lunch, easy and hard (sorta).

First, the easy: Go to the grocer’s and buy a small tub of prepared chicken salad; preferably the rotisserie chicken style. Wash the tomatoes, cut lids from the bottom ends (bloom ends) of the Orbs of Deliciousness, and clean out the seeds and ribs. (I use an ice cream scooper, or a smaller corer scoop for smaller tomatoes.) Stuff tomatoes with salad and enjoy! (Iced tea works well to wash down this meal.)

Okay, now for the tougher (but not really THAT tough): Start with about 3 cups of cooked, cubed chicken. Again, the rotisserie option is good, but don’t get stuck in a rut here. Shred some carrot and thin-slice some green onions. Finely mince about half a sweet eating apple, like a Fuji or Golden Delicious. Mince a few salad olives. For extras, seed and mince some jalapeño, or finely dice some Serrano chile and add. (You can use bell pepper if you want to avoid the flavorful tingle). Chop a handful of pecans or walnuts. Prep some chopped parsley or cilantro, to suit your taste. Dump all those fixins into a mixing bowl and add some fresh mayo, a good scoop of Ranch dressing, and stir to combine.

Stuff tomatoes as before and then stuff yourself to your heart’s content…

Enjoy the (Overstuff Orbs) Heat!


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