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Who Are the Highest Paid Chefs Today?

Forbes releases lists of top moneymakers in many fields. Food is not overlooked by the Forbes folks; they published their top ten earning chefs list recently.

Who’s on top? This year it’s Gordon Ramsay, the British cook with the big TV presence (and loud and caustic mouth) wins first place, with $38 million last year. Rachael […]

Peter Piper Pickta Pecka …

Hot peppers everywhere these days. Every roadside stand and farmers market has them, in wild profusion and massive mounds.

Even my petite pepper patch is producing a plethora of peppers. Time to make some jelly; and pickled peppers; and Cowboy Candy…

Enjoy the (Picked and Unpickled Peppas) Heat!

Hot Bytes for 2012-07-25

It's National Tequila Day! Sweet deals and 3 recipes to celebrate – http://t.co/4gMUx2JR http://t.co/tm7jfZLX #
Mark Bittman prepares bell peppers three ways – http://t.co/aosogmYU http://t.co/QNGUEcG8 #
Feel the Burn! Extra-hot ghost peppers now haunt two Red Robin burgers – http://t.co/5l3CGRmu http://t.co/DyymmViF #
Blame the hot days and lack of rain for zesty goodness: Heat, drought […]

Ravioli With a Cherry (Tomato) On Top

A couple of important things are going on here at your favorite Underground. First, the garden’s producing mounds of lovely chiles and cherry tomatoes. Indeed, we’re finally far enough ahead that we’re sharing fresh veggies with all our friends who aren’t hiding from already being buried in little red menaces. With six cherry tomato plants, […]

Singalong! Beer, Beer, Beer, Beer…

Ben Franklin may have missed his chance for beer immortality by never saying the quote that beer lovers everywhere claim for him in his absence. Beer has been a staple for many centuries, and has prevented disease for untold millions over the millennia. Useful stuff, in so many ways. And now there’s evidence beer makes […]

F4F Returns (And Sea Creatures Everywhere are Nervous)

A garage sale is a marvelous thing. I’ve hosted a few, but they don’t seem to work out so well for me. The last one I nearly broke even, but some of the earlier attempts were disastrous. I also learned that in-laws are nice to have around for the holidays, but don’t let them organize […]

The Venerable Hamburger In the News: Moving Beyond Simple Fast Food

Since its “invention” the lowly hamburger has grown to be perhaps the most popular sandwich on the globe. Okay, so maybe the burger didn’t get invented so much as it evolved with the times. In any case, there’s still a bit of a controversy over who invented this tasty sandwich (and when). Does it really […]

Cowboy Candy, Ideal for Nachos (and Pretty Much Everything Else)

Sliced jalapeños that have been pickled are a staple for many snacks and meals. While many think “Mexican food” when they consider pickled jalapeños, Americans likely consume tons more of the tasty preserves than any other country. Go to a ball game, or the movies; the nachos stand is always popular! And what bowl of […]