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Hey Ma! Fire Up the Fryer, It’s National Fried Chicken Day!

Fried Chicken Basket

Looking for a dish that’s truly American? Fried chicken is the eggsact best choice. Why is today National Fried Chicken Day? Well, it IS Fry-day after all..

The Elves here at the Underground have been working around the cluck to find the best recipes for fried chicken. Well, that’s what they told me they were doing, anyway. Turns out they were spending all their time complaining to each other about their working conditions. By the time they got around to finding a recipe they got totally basted and decided to stage a coop instead. I got them chasing their tails, though, and offered them a pecknic instead; they took it like a rooster chasing June bugs.

Oh, you want a recipe? Well, here’s a good one, from my favorite in-print source for inspiration about food, Bon Appétit. Or you can go with the CU’s old standby, Napalm Chicken; guaranteed to set your tail feathers on fire tomorrow. But of course, you’ll be frying high tonight, so it’s all worth it.

Not sure this is a real celebration day? How ‘bout if it comes to you from the Los Angeles Times? (There; that’ll comb your toupee over, I betcha.)

If I could capture that great Southern fried chicken aroma in a bottle, I’d make some hensome profits in the cologne industry, as well as the Love Doctor arena. Can you imagine that smell in a car freshener? Your car-poulet friends would never want to take their chariot! (Now that’s really thinking outside the bawks.) I bet I could get them made for chickenfeed and sell them for a poultry sum and retire to Bali next month.

More ChickenThen again, I might run afowl of PETA with that idea and become public henemy No. 1. I think I’m tough and I could maybe take it, but really I’m no Chick Norris. So I guess I’ll stick to frying chicken for friends and family and not get into any situation I couldn’t eggsplain. Age and experience keeps me from getting too cocky these days,

As for not getting rich quick, I won’t brood over it. While it’s an eggselent dream, it’s not going to happen. Better I keep on with the current path and not send scrambled signals to my spouse.

If you’re not sure about eating fried chicken today, just remember, it beats coopcakes all sidewise. But don’t let me egg you on; if you don’t want some of the greatest in American fare, that’s your business. I believe I’ve made my point with this post, though: Chicken-related humor is at a crossroads these days…

Finally, a chicken joke: When does Batman turn chicken? When he puts his capon… (See? I knew some of you couldn’t take a yolk.)

Enjoy the (Crispy Crunchy Chicken) Heat!


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