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Coffee, Coffee, and More Coffee: Odds and Ends About Our Caffeine Cravings

Hot Coffee

We love our coffee hot. Oh, I know there are folks who like iced coffee; but I think they’re both Yankees or something. One of the big reasons appears to be the flavor: Cool coffee tastes bad to most people. I can stand it warm, but once it’s down to room temp I have to top it off or get a new batch. As for putting ice in it, we save that precious stuff for tea (and for beating the summer heat).

I’ve heard that drinking lots of coffee can give some folks the jitters; but did you know it can make you hear voices? All this time I thought it was my wife talking at me. I mean, I hear voices all the time, coffee or no coffee; I’ve just learned to ignore them, mostly. (I mean, since the electroshock treatments, the voices hardly ever convince me anymore.) Just remember, over-caffeinating may be a sweet way to deal with reality, but it can make you over-react to your environment. Which may get you into more trouble with the spouse. (Take it from a pro, that’s not fun.)

There is one bright spot to guzzling caffeine in quantity, though. Keeping the buzz on may protect you from Alzheimer’s Disease. At least it works in mice. (And you thought those little rodents were hyperactive all on their own.) Helps the memory too! Now if only I could remember what my wife told me not to forget this morning…

Bring On the (Caffeine Cravings) Heat!


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