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Singalong! Beer, Beer, Beer, Beer…


Ben Franklin may have missed his chance for beer immortality by never saying the quote that beer lovers everywhere claim for him in his absence. Beer has been a staple for many centuries, and has prevented disease for untold millions over the millennia. Useful stuff, in so many ways. And now there’s evidence beer makes you smarter. Yep, that’s right! So get right out there and drink your way to a Ph.D. (Hey, it worked for me.)

That said, there’s still an awful lot of restaurants out there who ignore or neglect tasty beer as a pairing with good food. Nathan Berrong, a beer lover, explores why this may be so. If you’re a wine lover, you really can’t relate to the problem. If you prefer the malt-based elixir, however, you’re often out of luck. Maybe this is changing?

Finally, maybe you’ve noticed in recent days that the price of gasoline is back on the rise (after a welcome dip in the early summer). Well, have we got a deal for you! Beer may be just the resource to replace oil! Eliminate all the risks of fracking; put the country back on the right track; put those oil-producing gougers out of business! It’s a brilliant concept.

Remember, you heard it here first…

Enjoy the (Liquid Happiness) Heat!


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