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Summer Break’s Over, and the Elves are Back…

Summer Pickles

Good News! The Underground is back to full strength, and will quickly be back to full rate. Summer’s nearly gone, though the heat’s still with us here in central Texas. While the Elves (and even the critters) took a nice break during the peak of the Dog Days, we’re all looking forward to the rest of the year, including taking another swing at the great American novel during November.

Hard to believe, how quickly August went by. So many things to do! Daughterperson moved away, this time to graduate school. She’s nearly 25 miles further away this time, and the pressure’s nearly killing her mom. They’ll both be fine in a few months (I hope).

The garden has continued to produce prodigious piles of peppers. Faster than I can turn them all into jelly or pickles. So we’ve taken to drying them on long strings. It’s a good thing they make pretty decorations, since pretty much every room in the house has several ristras. I drew the line at having them in the master bath; claimed the air was too moist in there at times. I got a very skeptical look, but at least there are no drying red peppers in there to bump into, first thing in the morning. However, we clean forgot how many chiles we’re drying in Jessica’s bedroom; when she came home for a visit I got an earful. The chiles stayed, though.

So with visits to family, moving woes (don’t get me started about multiple truck tires that suicide at crucial moments), dogs that suddenly refuse to eat and more, it’s been a break to forget, er, remember. Things are beginning to settle down here at the Underground World Headquarters and Pepper-Drying Factory, though, so maybe we’ll have an uneventful autumn.

And if you believe that, I’ve got some historic documents for sale, cheap…

Turn Up the (Back to Work) Heat!


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