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Epicure: More Than a Fancy Foodie Word, It’s Also a Great Gift Shop and Deli

Boerne Courthouse

Visiting Mom this week presented some nice opportunities to relax. Yesterday my best wife and I headed into downtown Boerne for a little look-see and maybe some shopping. The town’s clearly not the sleepy little village I grew up in; no, there’s all sorts of shops, attractions and activities nowadays.

One of Mom’s friends suggested we visit Epicure Gourmet Market. (Thanks, Mary!) After a bit of strolling in the beautiful weather we crossed Main and found the historic Adam Building, where the Market makes its home. This building was beautifully restored and remodeled by its previous occupant, Las Finezas. The Adam Building is a narrow and long structure, with its front right on the sidewalk. It’s a taller one-story edifice, with brick on the front and limestone blocks on the façade’s corners. There are two large arches, one with a picture window in it and the other housing the shallow-fronted entry. A classic early 20th century building for the area, and a pleasure to see it in tip-top condition once again.

The Adam Building has had a checkered past, housing everything from a bank (the vault’s still inside) to a church, and now a foodie-heaven sort of gifts market. We admired the storefront for a moment or two, then we went in out of the bright sunshine.

What a sight!

A beautifully appointed sales area, filled with all sorts of food-related goodies on display. Spice blends; sauces; jams and jellies; tea diffusers, specialty cups and mugs; cookbooks and more. Beautiful shelving units going way up over your head. Fine wooden tables with eye-catching arrangements, tightly packed with all sorts of alluring gift options. Shoot, who says you need to make it a gift? (Why should THEY get all the good stuff, I ask you?) There’s plenty for your own kitchen right there.

We wondered about, oohing and aahing at all the shiny bits. Then we heard that there’s a deli section in the back, and our tummies reminded us we hadn’t yet had lunch. Reluctantly ambling along in low gear while we craned our necks all about, we followed the delicious smells down a short passage into the cozy digs that contain the delicatessen.

We were greeted warmly and handed some one-sheet menus. While we pointed and drooled like starving itinerant stevedores a number of other folks came through and picked up takeout lunches, or stepped politely by us to place their orders. Right away we suffered some major quandaries. Should I have the London Pub, a roast-beef panini with horseradish (my favorite), or the Main Street Reuben, with Alpine cheese and sauerkraut on grilled rye (my favorite)? And even if I chose the Reuben, which meat: Pastrami, or corned beef? Decisions are so hard when your stomach’s grinding like an out-of-balance washing machine full of rocks. PJ wasn’t faring any better; she was tempted first by the Ciao Italia (salami, pepperoni, mozzarella, basil pesto and more), then the Hawaiian Grill (maple honey ham, farmer’s cheese, pineapple mustard), and finally the TuTu Tango (brie, Granny Smith apples, apple garlic jam on grilled panini bread) caught her eye. I thought she was going to panic and simply order a complete set of all ten sandwiches, but she quieted down, got a firm grip on herself and asked for the Tango. Your choice of Kettle Chips are included with the meal, and there’s a cooler of drinks by the cash drawer (drinks extra).

All was well with our world. Except it would be a full five minutes before our sandwiches were built and toasted. What to do, what to do? Hyperventilation reared its ugly head again, until we remembered we hadn’t seen even half of the front shop. We bolted strolled and admired some more goodies while we waited.

When our lunch was ready we took it out back to sit in the lovely weather. Cooler air for a change, and a light breeze; perfect accompaniment to the great sandwiches. I think this may have been the best Reuben I’ve ever eaten outside of my own house (and then it’s a tie, maybe). Paula Jo found the contrasts between the cheese, apples and jam to be a wonderful flavor concerto, and she didn’t miss meat at all. (This from the confirmed carnivore of the whole Clan.) I’m sure we’ll be back for more, next time we’re over to the old home town.

All the folks at Epicure were friendly and helpful. Perhaps too helpful, though I think that’s good sales technique. Thanks in part to their helpful help, we left with a filled, festive bag that made it look like we were going to give all the contents away: Chocolates (Caramel! Sea Salt!!), some novel tea filters, Dulce de Leche Sauce by Stonewall Kitchen; you know, a few trifling essentials. But no, we’re just not the giving types at the moment; remember what I said above about gifts? Besides, there’s plenty of time until Christmas, and we’ll be back soon. (Mom will like that.)

If you’re touring the Hill Country north of San Antonio about lunchtime, consider hopping off the freeway and cruising slowly down Main Street in Boerne. While you’re there, be sure to stop by Epicure for an awesome sandwich; your rumbly-tumbly will thank you…

Boerne Epicure Gourmet Market on Urbanspoon

Boerne Epicure Gourmet Market, 210 S. Main St., Boerne, TX 78006. Phone 830.331.9355. A distinctive boutique that’s chock-a-block full of gifts for the foodies in your family. A sandwich deli serves from 11 AM to 3 PM daily; seating in the back, or take it with you. Gluten-free options available. Tell’em the Chile Doctor sent you; it couldn’t hurt…

Enjoy the (Great Shopping and Deli) Heat!


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