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Another Year Goes By…

Da Playa

Drag out the hurdy-gurdy and the ukuleles, the cowbells and the bagpipes! Pass around the RC and the Moon Pies! Time for an old-fashioned party…

In all the hubbub the past month I almost missed it: It’s the anniversary of the Chile Underground! Again!

And to top it all off, this one’s extra-special. It’s the 5th anniversary of the start of CU. Yep, it just five long years ago that I was trapped sitting in a hotel room in Singapore wondering what to do with myself when a friend of mine urged me to start blogging about chile peppers (my favorite). So I did. (Yes, Tom, I still owe you. And you’ll get yours, eventually.) The rest, as they say, is history. And geography, and photography, and cooking.

Five years. More than 90% of blogs have started in that time. And something like 60% have died or gone cobweb. But not the Underground, oh no! We’re still going strong, writing about the things you desperately want to know. Recipes. Travel. Jelly. Reviews. Follies. Yep, we’ve got it all. We routinely have about 8,000 visitors a month, from 35-40 countries on six continents (and a bunch of islands).

How much stuff has been written in posts and placed into the CU website and archives over these five years? Well, something like 466,000 words. That’s almost the same size as Infinite Jest by David Foster Wallace. (Catchy title, that; appropriate too.) Only another 60,000 or so to go and the Elves will have caught up with Les Misérables by Victor Hugo. (Even more appropriate, sometimes.) As for that War-and-Peace fella, we’ve left him so far behind he’ll never catch up. See how easy the great American novel is to write?

With the fall season upon us there’ll be a lot to talk about in the coming months. The end of pepper-growing, and the last few farmers market sessions. RenFest. Books. More restaurant reviews. The works! So stick around, you never know quite what’ll show up here.

In the meantime, grab another spam-salad canapé (yeah, I saw you eyeing those), sit back and let the CU Elves entertain you with their accordion music and clog dancing. (Ain’t they cute?) You’re welcome to stay as long as you like, and come back as often as you can…

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