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Eleven and Eleven: Pause, Reflect and Move Forward

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It’s been eleven years to the day since the horrific, coordinated suicide attacks on facilities in the Eastern part of the United States. The political and cultural fallout affects us daily, regardless of walk of life or even country.

Take this opportunity to reflect and ponder on the meaning. Not that we were attacked, nor the motivations. Instead, consider that we have continued, in spite of the horrific (and ongoing) cost. Our women and men in uniform serve, and all too often perish, so that we may press on with our lives and careers, hobbies and avocations. This isn’t a political blog; there are plenty of those to amuse (and frustrate) you elsewhere. Still, this small corner of the Internet wouldn’t exist without the privileges we enjoy because of our traditions and philosophies on freedom, politics and society.

Regardless of your personal allegiances, whichever party or candidates you support, meditate today on the larger picture: We are strong because we can dissent and discuss; we support our institutions and our processes; and ultimately, we will persevere.

Today is not about peppers, or cooking, or humorous insights. It will always and forever be about freedom to enjoy those things and more. Never lose sight of the fundamentals that make this all possible, for tomorrow and beyond…

Appreciate the Heat…


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