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VooDoo BBQ & Grill: Their HooDoo’s Pretty Good, Actually

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Voodoo Sauces

Sadly, this restaurant has closed.

Sometime we here in Texas kid about that foreign country to our East, Louisiana. However, when it comes to food, there’s very little joking goes on, either place! Both regions can lay claim to distinctive styles and flavors, even within the realm of barbeque. (Or barbecue, or BBQ; spelling doesn’t matter nearly as much as flavor!) Cajun cuisine is popular over here, though there’s no Louisiana barbeque around.

At least there wasn’t, until recently. Then VooDoo BBQ & Grill opened in Round Rock.

Naturally they chose a location only two miles from my house. I watched with interest as the store location was remodeled to suit the new tenants. (I won’t mention the name of the previous outlet, but their initials are Souper! Salad!) I was out of town when they had their grand opening, but I got over there as soon as I could.

I’m glad I did.

The shop is operated in fast-casual style, as most barbeque outlets are. You walk up, place your order, get a cup for beverage (or buy a beer, if you prefer) and take a numbered placard to whichever table or booth you want. The place  is clean, well-lit, and lightly furnished, with New Orleans style jazz playing in the background. At peak, I think VooDoo can hold maybe 90 very friendly diners. On my first visit (with a friend), right before a lunch peak, the place wasn’t half-full. It didn’t take long, though, for the place to fill up as the order line grew to fill the space from the front door to the order window. They were still doing a land-office business when I left. On my next visit (with spousalperson in tow), which was well after the lunch prime window, there were still plenty of folks eating though there was no wait for ordering.

Voodoo’s menu is straightforward, with a modest number of choices. That makes things easy for ordering, and keeps things moving along during packed dining peaks. Starters offered include chili, wings (called Flappers; cute), Carnivale Fries (with cheese, bacon and green onions), and gumbo.Four salads are on offer, and they looked scrumptious. (If you’re into that sort of thing, of course.) Barbeque sandwiches, a fried shrimp poboy, and a pulled pork sandwich are available. I might try that last sandwich next trip over, it looked and smelled great. Burgers and chicken sandwiches are on offer, if you’re looking for a change of pace. Voodoo Gril Logo

The barbeque is the centerpiece, of course. Sausage, ribs, brisket, chicken, all there. Including pulled pork. And a two-meat platter for the big eater in all of us.

Desserts are on offer, though I didn’t look; I was always too full! Kids are covered with Magic Meals: Chicken tenders, mac-&-cheese, a hamburger, or a pork or beef BBQ sandwich plate are available. Potatoes and sides are listed, as required, with some unique offerings: corn pudding, gris-gris greens, and sweet potato soufflé. That’s New Orleans style!

I’ve stuck with brisket and sausage so far, though others with me have tried some barbeque sandwiches. Everything was properly cooked, with the brisket especially nice and smoky. Another thing that sets VooDoo apart from other barbeque stores is the sauce. Sauces, actually. There are three on every table, pictured above: Mojo Sauce, the standard offering, with molasses and smoke and a bit of zest; Cane Vinegar, very tart, and more liquid like a mop-wash; and Mango Crystal, with plenty of sweet fruit.

Finally, I have to mention the drinks dispenser at our location. (I can’t guarantee it’s at other VooDoo locations.) It’s a large vending station, giving ice and your choice of soft drink. Coca-Cola products, but that covers a lot of ground! The machine is called a Freestyle, and there must be 100 or more possibilities. You select a button from many displayed on the touch-screen, and that opens up a second page with more options! For instance, say you want Sprite; so you select that. The next screen shows Sprite with: Cherry, Strawberry, Grape, Peach, Raspberry, Orange or Vanilla. Same with Sprite Zero. That’s 14 tries right there. Flavored Dasani, Powerade, Hi-C, you name it. That machine’s practically an amusement park of its own!

VooDoo’s prices are reasonable, say mid-range for barbeque places in the region. Counter service was excellent, and our meals came out very quickly. Overall, I’d say they provide good value, and they’re certainly worthy of a try if you like barbeque but are perhaps looking for some variety. If you prefer New Orleans style BBQ, then VooDoo is about your only option in the area. Not to worry, though; rumor has it that there’ll be five in the greater Austin area, Real Soon Now

VooDoo BBQ & Grill on Urbanspoon

VooDoo BBQ & Grill, 2601 S IH 35 Ste B100, Round Rock, TX 78664. Phone 512.238.7000. New Orleans style BBQ, Poboys and more, served in a fast-casual atmosphere. Open for lunch and dinner, seven days a week. Catering available. Delivery available. Kid-friendly. And for sure, try your luck with the drinks dispenser!

Enjoy the (Louisiana Style BBQ) Heat!

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