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Friday Follies: Fast Food War in Japan? I Want What They’ve Got…

This entry is part of a series, Follies 2012»

Mega Meals

Oh, those fun-loving and fast-food-chomping Japanese; they do everything in such a big way! For example, there’s been a “fast food war” on in Japan for at least a couple of years now. First, it was chicken in the crosshairs. In 2010, KFC and McDonald’s started the massive chicken fight. That was for Christmas, of course. Wendy’s wasn’t even in the running; they’d been pushed clean out of the country in 2009 by these two.

Then came burgers. Big ones. Odd ones. Pizza ones. Big ones with bacon (my favorite!). Even bigger ones. Gigantic ones, with onion rings. Humongoid stacks to celebrate anniversaries. And one so large it uses a whole cow, I think.

And pizza offerings are fantastic too! Sirloin steak, bacon-wrapped mini hot dogs, mini corn dogs and more.

Breakfast didn’t get overlooked. They’ve got plenty of options that we Americans haven’t even considered.

Apparently the Fast Food Wars in Japan are ongoing. Now, if only we could get some of those goodies over here…

Enjoy the (Fattening Fast Food Fun) Heat!


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