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Man, That Must Have Been a Cheesy Sandwich

This entry is part of a series, Follies 2012»


I don’t normally post a Follies during the week, but this story is simply too good to pass up. And I know all the Underground fans would want to hear about this tale of bread, lunchmeat and spousal abuse as soon as possible. Here goes…

Larry Spurling of Melbeta, in western Nebraska, has been charged with disturbing the peace for savaging his wife with a sandwich. Yes, you read that right. Assault with a deadly (or at least unpleasant) assembly of bread, luncheon meats, cheese and condiments. Oh, and don’t forget the dill pickles; gotta have dill pickles if you’re going to hammer your wife with a hoagie. And that’s no bologna. Apparently he won’t be able to claim he was merely hot-dogging either; no tube steak bits were found at the crime scene.

It’s not clear whether Larry has an attorney yet; but you can be sure when he does he’ll be buying more than hamburgers for his legal team for a while…

Enjoy the (Stuffed Bread as Weapon) Heat!


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