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NaNo’s Over, and Boy Am I Glad

Napping After NaNo

It was fun. It was challenging. It was exhausting. It was almost enough to give one a drinking habit. And it’s finally over…

NaNoWriMo 2012 was a very long, and all to short, event. Somehow, getting 350,000 people around the world to write novels causes time to jerk and run, to pause and twist, in ways that ol’ uncle Albert never predicted when he invented Relativity. Hour after hour, passing like molasses, words accumulated in my electronic files. Then suddenly the day would be over and I had to grab a little shut-eye.

The dreams at night helped me plan the next day. Either that, or they would show me wandering through endless cubicles of madly typing monkeys, all trying to get Shakespeare and Faulkner and Christie completed by the end of the month. And you thought you had nightmares.

All through it, though, I never felt panic. Either that, or I was so overwrought that it became the norm and I could function anyway. Provided you allow for a very generous definition of “function.” I do remember doing the laundry once, so I could have NaNoWriMo winner t-shirts to wear that didn’t exude a fragrance that caused the cats to seek shelter in other parts of the house. I vaguely recall heating some stuff in the microwave; I wonder if there’s stuff still in there.

Now to get back to writing about food, and travel, and gardening, all those wonderful topics I’ve been distracted from for so long…

Enjoy the (Back to the Grinding) Heat!


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