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Happy New Year! Let’s Make 2013 Special…


Here’s a great way to start the New Year: Visiting relatives-to-be and messing up their kitchen before going home

We trekked off to Florida over the weekend, to be with Kai’s family in sunny Florida. We arrived on Sunday, then picked Jess and Kai up in Tampa the next afternoon. No sooner had we gotten over into St. Petersburg than it was time to stroll downtown for First Night revelry.

What a clambake!

Dancing. Singing. Dining, both fine and fair-booth style. Fireworks (twice). Drinking. More singing. And Twister, on a mat about the size of a mall parking lot. There must have been a hundred kids on that mat, with a full-voiced bingo-caller yelling out colors and appendages. And the mat wasn’t even half-full! Oh, and the opera was in session (did I mention singing?), and the Museum of Fine Arts was open, and on and on.

It was fun. It was tiring. And the evening’s weather was very cooperative.

We finished the evening with gelatos and an accordion serenade (thanks, Nick, wherever you are). Although the evening was young (it wasn’t midnight), we called it a day and returned to the Sheppard domicile for last drinks and some extreme puzzle-solving.

This morning we made omelets with bacon, cheese, sweet peppers, onions and mushrooms (picture above; thanks, Kari!). It was more like brunch than breakfast, and by the time we got done it was elevenses. It was all good, as you can see. Too bad you couldn’t have been here.

Here’s hoping your year got off to an equally great start, and gets better as it goes along…

Enjoy the (New Year’s Revelry) Heat!


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