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Rain, Rain, Come & Play!

Watering Plants

We’re getting a good rain event, yesterday afternoon and today. I’m hoping for an inch of precip, maybe more. I’m tired of watering already! I’m also hoping this is a sign that the predicted severe drought will stay away this spring. I’m not confident, mind you; simply wishing.

The lows the next two nights might be a challenge for my young garden plants, but I don’t think I’ll get completely wiped out there is a freeze threat like we had ten days ago. I’m not taking any chances with the young peppers that I planned to plant today and tomorrow! They’ll stay safe and warm in the dog crate nursery for the duration.

Starting Friday we should get good warmth; heat, even. Then the yoongsters can go out to play and grow in the open sunshine…

Enjoy the (Wet From the Skies) Heat!


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