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New Radishes

Luscious, lovely orbs of spicy, crunchy goodness, of course. Radishes, fresh from the garden.

Yesterday’s 1.6 inches of rain has really helped the the crimson globes round out. It’s just over four weeks since I put the seeds in the ground, and the plants are tall (for radishes, I mean), leafy and lush. No bugs. No rabbits. Just enough rain in the month. Perfect!

Now I can have radishes for between-meal snacks; radish-and-butter sandwiches (with extra dill pickles); radishes with hot bacon dressing. Cole slaw with radish slivers. Fresh-pickled radishes and carrots. Thin-sliced and grilled. Radishes in potato salad; radishes in garden salads; even radishes in crab salad. Well, okay; no crab for me. However, PJ can have that, and I’ll put mine in chicken salad. Tuna salad. Egg salad. You name it.

The madness great eats will only stop when the garden gives up its last lovely, red produce…

Enjoy the (Zesty Crimson Spheres) Heat!


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