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Hungry Thieves, Citrus Peel Tricks, and Outrageous Wedding Cakes

Nutella Thief

What is it about Bad Hersfeld that makes it the center of large food thefts in Germany?

In a pretty, but otherwise unremarkable, German town a hundred miles northeast of Frankfurt am Main, a locus of food-related crimes has suddenly appeared. Truckloads of coffee, Red Bull, even Nutella have been hijacked. They’re not alone recently, though. Cream of tomato soup in Orlando; maple syrup in Quebec; donuts in Georgia; all have been taken, and more. The maple syrup value was over $30 million (and if that’s Canadian dollars, then we’re talking Real Money). Cheese; hamburger; even Tide cleaner! Okay, that last one’s not really edible (I think); but you get the idea. Grocery stores and food logistics are seeing an unprecedented level of crime in these tough times.

Speaking of tough times, finding extra uses for anything, including waste items, is key to extending the budget and scraping by. Citrus peel offers such an opportunity. Okay, maybe you know that lemon oil is used in furniture polish and cleaners. But did you know you can make your own citrus-based cleaners? Add some tea oil and you get antimicrobial action too! Or use peels in an exfoliating peel. Freeze the peels, then grind them later to make an insect repellent for indoors use. Gets rid of fire ants. Even keeps cats off the Christmas tree. Amazing stuff, citrus peels. Take a look at the slideshow for more uses and ideas.

Finally, with a wedding coming soon in the Clan (Three weeks! Time to Panic!), I read with interest about some of the most outrageous wedding cakes ever. They don’t hold a candle to daughterperson’s idea, though; she’s having her cake made from wheels of cheese, with “icing” made of fruit bits! Who knows, maybe we’ll be famous, once the photos reach the Web…

Enjoy the (Follies Fun) Heat!


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