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Echos of Father’s Day: Whacked-Out Bacon Ideas for Next Year

Big Bacon

Just in case you missed the opportunity to share bacon gifts with your dad this past Father’s Day, here’s a slide show of some great ideas for next time! Heck, why wait until Father’s Day? There’s something like 85 more opportunities during the next year, if you total up all the holidays in the European Union and the USA. Not to mention my birthday, which you can send me a gift for anytime, as I’ve quit celebrating that milestone on a given day. (The fire department’s tired of detailing enough manpower and gear to keep the birthday cake candles in check.)

Looking through the list, I’m not sure I’d go for the bacon-and-eggs nail paintjob; I’m not saying it’s not interesting, just that I can’t type if my nails are that long. (Yeah, that’s it! Too long!) And the bacon-themed coffin is a bit premature, if not outright creepy. The gym sneakers would totally work, though. (And I already have the soap and toothpaste, which explains the shiny teeth and well-scrubbed cheeks.)

Whatever you do, don’t lose this list…

Enjoy the (Pig Out on Bacon) Heat!


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