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It’s National Coffee Day, and We’re All Thankful


It’s Monday morning, and it’s National Coffee Day (and, in a fateful alignment of the stars, International Coffee Day). The latter fact makes the former one bearable, maybe even pleasant.

Check around, lots of places will have free coffee today. Get it while you can! Few things beat free caffeine.

I always have half a cup first thing in the morning. Doctor’s orders. Oh, he didn’t order the coffee regimen, but he DID order that I cut my consumption in half. So now I only have half a cup.

The cup this morning is a 32-ounce Disney mug, with Goofy on it. The coffee’s got a bit of Truvia in it, as I like that flavor in hot drinks. (Iced tea, not so much.) And some light creamer.

Just because it’s National Coffee Day I’m going back for seconds, hang Doctor’s orders…

Enjoy the (Caffeine Monday) Heat!


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