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Advertising on the Chile Underground

The Chile Underground is Open for Business!

CU receives thousands of visitors each month, and tens of thousands of page views.  We are currently growing at over 70% per month in viewership, and our RSS is growing even faster than that.  If you have products or services and you would like to expand your reach, consider advertising with us!

We will gladly consider any advertising proposals or enquiries for placing your products, services or sites (“Content”) on the Chile Underground, provided they follow these guidelines:

  • Your ad should appeal to the primary audience of the Chile Underground.  We post regularly about spicy food, cooking, recipes, travel and food news.  We also regularly review restaurants we’ve visited, and books and magazines that catch our interest.  We appeal not just to chileheads, but to professional and home cooks.  Proposals not related to these topics are unlikely to be accepted.
  • If your Content is for medications or is “adult entertainment” oriented, there is really no chance we will accept.
  • Ads must be tasteful and unobtrusive.  with little or no distracting animation or video.  Color is encouraged, but tasteful is allowed and overtly interrupt-driven is not.  We will be the final arbiters of these definitions, on behalf of our audience.

Types of Advertisements Accepted

  • Box ads up to 300 px (height) that fit in our sidebars; we have 200px max width, including any borders
  • Text links
  • Sponsored reviews and paid posts (Guaranteed tone and delivery)
  • Others, based on accepted proposals from you

Advertisement Pricing

  • Text link ad in Advertisers Section, $10 per month or $100 per year
  • Rotating (random) box ads, under 126px long, $25 per month
  • Rotating (random) box ads, under 201px long, $35 per month
  • Rotating (random) box ads, up to 300px long, $50 per month
  • Always-on box ads, under 126px long, $50 per month
  • Always-on box ads, under 201px long, $70 per month
  • Always-on box ads, up to 300 px long, $100 per month
  • Sponsored ads and/or reviews: Please inquire directly
  • Other advertising options: Please inquire directly
  • All prices subject to change, with 30 days notification

Would You Like Something Reviewed?

The Chile Underground reviews restaurants, books, magazines, software, websites, services and products.  We don’t post about any of these things unless we’ve experienced them directly and extensively.  That said, if you would like CU to consider reviewing your Content, please discuss it with us!  We strive for honesty, always with our audience in mind; their interest and potential utilization will always be the top considerations.  If we find a feature that’s less than stellar, we will say so.

  • Sponsored reviews will always be shared with you first, and only published after your acceptance.
  • We will ask for a non-refundable advance against production efforts, whether or not you allow the review to be posted.
  • Advances must be received before any writing begins. Balances will be billed upon publication of the review.
  • The Chile Doctor is a world traveler and global consultant to industry; if getting your review out in short order is required, there may be expedite fees.  Just so you know…
  • Books, magazines, equipment and materials reviews will require you to supply such items to CU.  If you wish them back, you need to say so (and the shipping will be billed).

Thanks for taking a look at our site and for considering us as a marketing and advertising extension for your business!