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Friday Follies: A Ptomaine Ptruck for the Galactose-Intolerant

What would it be like if Han Solo, Lando Calrissian and Chewbacca the Wookie decided to ground the Millennium Falcon and turn it into a rolling diner? You might get something like the Hammontrees (Chad and Alison) of Fayette, Arkansas have in their concept truck “The Grillenium Falcon.” (Yes, it’s creatively misspelled. Everybody knows […]

Why Paddy's Not Going to Heaven

Yes, today’s the most important day in the Irish calendar. Rather than post Yet More Irish Recipes, we here at the Underground thought we’d share some pictures from our last trip to Ireland, and also a bit of their humor:

Father O’Toole storms angrily into a pub in Limerick. As far as the eye can […]

The Ides of March and the Invention of the Caesar Salad

Today is the Ides of March, according to historical tradition. It’s the day that Julius Caesar passed on. Legend has it that he died violently at the hands of his best friend, Brutus. (That’s where the term “brutally” comes from.) Truth is stranger than legend, though, and the truth is, dear departed Julius didn’t […]

It’s Way Too Cold Here in Texas

How cold is it here? It’s so cold:

Starbucks is serving coffee on a stick.
We’ve taken everything out of the freezer so we’ll have someplace warm to sleep tonight.
Our three cats and Sonia the Red Golden are hitchhiking south for the winter.
The power companies are sending letters of condolence with their bills.
Opticians are giving away […]

Fish 4 Friday: Grill-Seared Fish With Cucumber Slaw, Just for the Halibut

Hurricane Alex made landfall overnight, and we got some rain. Much-needed rain, and we’re grateful. We’re also grateful that our rain chances are going down for the weekend. It’s the Fourth of July, of course! (The third most important holiday for many Texans, after the Battle of the Alamo and Texas Independence.) And what does […]

Friday Follies: An Ice Cream Flavor You Wouldn't Pick Out (But Your Kids Might)

The ever-vigilant elves here at the the Underground, with their big nose for news, sniffed this one out. In a recent Slashfood article, a new ice cream flavor was presented. We know you’ll hold us in high odor, ever after, for bringing this article to your attention! Not that you’re likely to taste, or […]

Month of Eating Dangerously: Shepherd's Pie With an Unusual Twist

The month is off to a good start here in Lake Wobegon South. I’ve found several nice recipes to share with you over the next few weeks. The only issue is, it’s Really Cold here in Texas! (How cold is it?) It’s so cold:

Hitchhikers are using signs of thumbs.
The 911 exchange has a recorded […]

Can You Get Swine Flu From Being a Pig at the Thanksgiving Table?

I felt bad all day. I’m sure it couldn’t be due to overeating on Thanksgiving like a hungry pig at a trough of fresh acorns. Some of my nephews have had the swine H1N1 influenza, but that was weeks ago; they can’t still be infectious, can they? Not that I’m paranoid or anything, you […]