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Ever Thought of Writing a Cookbook? Here’s a Recipe…

Anyone who likes to collect, edit or build recipes has probably thought about publishing their own cookbook. (Yeah, I’m talking to you.) I know I’ve thought about it a lot. I’ve got ten big binders of recipes I’ve collected, each of them at least two inches thick (some three). And there are a lot […]

Tomatoes, Tomatoes Everywhere; What to Do? East India Sauce!

This entry is part of a series, RdJ»

Our small patch of a dozen tomato plants has gone into overdrive this week. Especially the alien cherry tomatoes that have grown to over eight feet tall. There’s only two of them in the garden, but they’re producing a quart of tasty red spheres each day. […]

Wifey Brings Home the Bacon, er, Books

My spouse took a friend of hers on a road trip this past weekend. They headed over to my mom’s place so they could all play together with a massive pile of fabric. (At least that was their excuse.) I stayed home to babysit an ailing pup, and to generally goof off, drink beer […]

Superbowl Snacks and Old Recipe Books

The “Big Game” is only a few days away now, and you’re thinking about how to make your party a bit different. With the Packers and Steelers matched up, this could be a classic game; you’d like your event to be remembered as a classic too! (Not like that time uncle Al got classically […]

August BOM: The Healthy College Cookbook

Ah, college eats. Pizza. Beer. (For some, at least.) Sub sandwiches. Pop-Tarts. Hamburgers and hot dogs, if you’re really living well. Canned chili. Ramen noodles. Microwave burritos. (In fact, anything that comes in an easy-off wrapper and fits in the micro.) Popcorn. Cookies and pretzels and gummi bears, usually as a three-course dinner. Gatorade […]

Just In Case You Were Wondering...

Some of you may have wondered where the fine elves who run the Chile Underground may have gotten off to. A few of you (Hi, Mom!) might even be worried. (As for the bill collectors, well; a little angst in their life is good, as far as I’m concerned.) No, we haven’t disappeared. Not […]

December BOM: The All-American Christmas Cookbook

No time to play today, but I want to share with you the December Book of the Month: The All-American Christmas Cookbook from Chronicle Books. Normally I’m not much interested in omnibus cookbooks, but this one caught my eye recently at a bookstore. it’s a fairly new release (2007) and has recipes from all […]

Gang of Four Launches Blockbuster Technical Book Writing Project

That’s Me on the Right, the Handsome One Giving Instructions

Today I set aside my NaNoWriMo aspirations (mostly) and met with three other learned scholars and businessmen. (Actually it was just Dr. C, the other Dr. C, and the other other Dr. C, and me. But it sounds so much more sophisticated the […]