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More Irish Pub Grub: Beef Pepper Pot

Stews and soups make up a goodly part of the Irish diet. Given how tasty they all are, I can see why! However, after a while they begin to seem “all the same,” especially the beef stews.

One way to avoid “suicide by sameness” on the stews is to look for specialties at some of […]

Eating Irish: Ploughman’s Lunch

Irish agriculture has pretty much all gone mechanized these days, but for many decades the ploughman was an integral component of food production there. Probably longer than in the U.S., where we adopt new ways more quickly, and we have more social wealth to support that.

Working with a horse and plough is mighty hungry-making, […]

Morning-After: What’s a Good Cure for a Feasting Hangover? Flying…

The post-feast roistering lasted into the wee hours. Beer and wine in appropriate quantities actually help me stay up late. Grad school training, I suppose. (Does this mean I’ve still got it?)

Getting a few nice presents helps too, like Flight Simulator X (with Acceleration Expansion Pack) and a Saitek ST290 Pro Joystick. I stayed up […]

The Grand Christmas Feast at the Ranch

This post is coming up Very Late. We stayed up until the wee hours of the morning, opening gifts and playing games, watching movies and more. It was so late when we got started with the Clan’s traditional Stocking Orgy Presents Opening that breakfast had to be eaten in shifts, with some revelers asleep before […]

Tis the Season: Gruyere and Onion Fondue

Let’s say you’ve got an intimate little party planned, and then you find out (to your complete horror) that some of the guests don’t like zesty food! Now What?

Well, you could cancel the whole thing. But why be a Grinch? Or you could uninvite the troublesome guests and get some new ones. That’s good for […]

Oh So Wrong: Joy of Cooking Frozen Foods?

The Detroit Free Press has just reported on something new you can foist off on your friends and family serve to your loved ones: The Joy of Cooking Frozen Foods!

You read that right. Frozen food you don’t have to cook, so you can experience the Joy of Cooking without even cracking open the book. Amazing!

The […]